1) Los Angeles Baseball: Regular season: Combined 192-132, plus an MVP in each league (Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw). Postseason: Combined 1-6 record, Angels get swept, Trout goes 1-for-15, Kershaw gets rocked.

2) LeBron's Co-Stars: LeBron finally has the help to bring a title to Cleveland. Or at least until Kevin Love's shoulder (first round) and Kyrie Irving's knee (Game 1 of the NBA Finals) have something to say about it. 

3) Florida State Football's Title Defense: The Seminoles had never lost with Jameis Winston at the helm. When they finally do it's by 39 points on New Year's Day in front of a record breaking (28+ million viewer) Rose Bowl audience. And here TCU fans were complaining about Ohio State's spot in the Playoff.

4) Pete Carroll/Darrell Bevell's Play Call, Seattle Seahawks: First and goal, 26 seconds left, down four points in the Super Bowl. Why do we even have other nominees?

*Drum Roll*

Pete Carroll/Darrell Bevell, Seattle Seahawks
: If their decision pays off, the narrative is "Everyone was keying on Marshawn Lynch, Pete Carroll is a genius!" But it didn't. A guy nicknamed "Beast Mode" was seemingly built for this situation, no?