1) Johnny Manziel: So far looking like Tim Tebow without the cross.

2) Mayweather-Pacquiao: All it cost you was your time...and 100 bucks.

3) College Football Playoff National Championship Game: Oregon is M.I.A. as it turns out Ohio State versus Alabama was the true national championship.

4) Kentucky Basketball: Best team ever can't even win (or make it to) title game.

*Drum Roll*

We weren't expecting an ending scene from Rocky; but for the decade-plus promotion, we were expecting to come away, you know, entertained. When the best thing about the fight is Jimmy Kimmel dressed like Bieber (and it wasn't even close, by the way) then you win this award, hands down. Fuck, we might as well retire it after this. Next time we all should (but probably won't) do some research on how Mayweather fights before shelling out a Benjamin.