Last August, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was caught posing in a series of really scandalous photographs with a couple women who turned out to be strippers. Amazingly, the controversy surrounding them died down after a few weeks. But it was definitely not Jones' finest moment (to say the least!).

Now, it looks like more scandalous photos of Jones may have leaked out. Terez Owens just posted three photos that allegedly show Jones in a few compromising positions with two young women. We say "allegedly" because there's definitely a chance that this is not Jones. The third photo in particular, which is the only one that shows a clear shot of the man's face, doesn't look 100 percent like Jones and could very well be some other rich guy getting his creep on with younger women. But because Jones has already had some photos like this leak out, we're suspicious. And we're not alone.

Check out the photos, which blur the faces of the women involved, below. We'll be sure to keep you updated if and when the Cowboys and Jones respond to this new batch of photos.