It's Friday, the sun is shining, and the absolute last thing you feel like doing right now is hitting the gym. We feel you. At this time of year, you're supposed to be out showing off all the hard work you put in this winter, not locked in the hot, sweaty gym doing extra reps on the bench press.

But after you watch the video above, we're pretty sure you're going to second-guess your decision to skip the gym today. It features John Cena benching 440 pounds like it's nothing. And while it's not quite as impressive as when he put 600 pounds on the squat rack a few weeks back, it is pretty amazing to see how easily he deals with more than 400 pounds.

This isn't actually his max bench, though. We just found this video on YouTube from about a year ago and it features Cena putting up more than 480 pounds:

So maybe Cena was the one taking the day off yesterday and not going as hard as he could have?! JK JK JK! You're a beast, bro.

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[via For The Win]