Last summer LeBron James bailed on South Beach. This summer could Dwyane Wade follow suit? According to a report from the Miami Herald the future Hall of Famer's current contract negotiations with the organization makes the answer "yes" a very realistic possibility.

Wade has just finished yet another solid season with the only franchise he's ever known, making it a dozen years in South Florida. But now he differs greatly with the team over what his services are worth over the next several seasons. If the two sides don't come to an agreement, Wade could use his player option to get out of the final year of his current deal. That decision would have to be made before the end of June. The 11-time All-Star is reportedly seeking a three-year commitment from the team believing he has "a few good years left."

While the Heat too would like to retain Wade, they believe his current demands would put their nuts in a vice (not an exact quote) when it comes to adding free agents over the summers of 2016 and '17.

On the proceedings, Wade's agent had this to say:

“With the amount of time he has spent with the organization, every effort will be made to try to work something out."

Since the situation has to be settled within (about) a month, we shall soon see if this is all a bluff or not. Last season Wade averaged 21.5 points per night, but he also missed 20 games due to injury.

We're sure that'll factor into this.

[via Miami Herald]

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