Earlier today on Twitter, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson went on quite the rant when he appeared to call out his (for now) team over his contract. For a very quick refresher, Minnesota's coach Mike Zimmer made it clear earlier this week that Peterson can "[either] play for us. Or he can not play." The embattled backfield stallion has three years (and more than $44 million guaranteed dollars, none of which is guaranteed) remaining on his current deal.

Now we're all for athletes being open and honest (as opposed to the cliche filled interviews we're treated to 99 percent of the time) but we're a tad confused about the point Peterson is trying to make. Is he saying all players should get the chance to pick whatever team they play for (regardless of contract)? Is he simply stating that it's BS that a team can cut a guy whenever they want, despite contract length? Or does he just want to go play for the Cowboys?

You make the call:

It's unclear if that last one's related. But at least he ended on a positive note.


A few hours afterward, AP tweeted some clarifications that almost make it sound like he read this article:

[via Twitter]

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