So you spent days, weeks, maybe even months watching every twerking video you could on YouTube. You even recorded a few twerking videos yourself, just to show off your skills (Miley Cyrus ain't got $^%& on you!). But now, twerking has jumped the shark and turned your secret talent into an afterthought. What the hell are you supposed to do?!

GOOD NEWS! Former NFL player Phillip Buchanon—the same guy who recently talked about his mom asking him for $1 million after he was drafted—has created a new party game just for you. It's called Twerkin-It and, as you'd imagine, it's going to make twerking more competitive than ever before. He invented the game after watching the twerking craze take over the Internet.

"I saw everyone was twerking," he told TMZ Sports recently, "so I thought, 'What if there was a game that people could play to keep the party going?'"

Yes...what if?

We haven't played the game yet—PLEASE SEND US ONE ASAP, PHILLIP!—but the rules seem pretty simple. Contestants use a spinner that looks like this to decide which "twerk move" everyone has to do:

Then, everyone does the move. Whoever does it the worst is forced to take a shot of alcohol (this game just got really good!) and the party continues until, well, the break of dawn? It seems everyone is a winner when it comes to Twerkin-It.

Buchanon claims the game, which he is selling for $29.99, is selling well, too. He's lined up endorsements from Flo Rida, Pleasure P, and even Uncle Luke, which has helped his cause:

But really, this game pretty much sells itself, doesn't it? Someone please tell Gronk about it immediately!

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[via TMZ Sports]