Recently, Nick Young did an interview with Flaunt and revealed that he's putting his long-time girlfriend Iggy Azalea through a "12 step program" right now to make sure she's the girl he wants to marry. It was kind of a weird thing for him to say—and we suspected that Iggy might not be too happy about it. However, it looks like one of the NBA's biggest power couples is doing just fine in spite of what Nick said during the interview.

Er, or at least they were doing fine until last night. Late yesterday, Nick took to Instagram to tell the world that he had won a bet with Iggy. As a result of it, he claimed she owed him big time:

Yes, that does say what you think it says: "Head & $50."

Iggy probably didn't like Nick broadcasting this to everyone, though, so he took the IG photo down almost immediately. But unfortunately for him, he didn't do it before someone took a screengrab of it. So something tells us that he wasn't able to cash out his winning ticket last night.

Do you think Iggy made Nick sleep on the couch again?

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[via Uproxx]