A few years ago, a wise and caring editor once warned me about social media: "Nobody likes a troll." That thought has stayed with me through the years, popping up every time my thumb tentatively shakes over the "tweet," "post," or "send" button. It's a bit of advice that has likely saved me from countless unwanted social media wars, and it's something that certain fans, athletes, and media members should take to heart as well. As Bleacher Report examines in their latest list, often times those "digs" or "burns" that trolls live to deliver can actually end up backfiring on the sender. From Damian Lillard's takedown of a troll with bad teeth to Justin Timberlake's soning of fan who questioned his love for the Memphis Grizzlies, check out Sports Social Media Digs That Totally Backfired here

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[via Bleacher Report