Life after basketball hasn't always been easy for Steve Francis.

The former NBA All-Star guard has hit a few rough patches since his days of averaging 21/7/6 for the Houston Rockets. In 2012 there was a disappointing music video, in 2013 he was apparently choked by Stephen Jackson in a club, and in 2014 he (in)famously showered himself in champagne while listening to Beyonce's "Drunk in Love." And by the looks of this video, it doesn't appear 2015 is going much smoother.

According to the above video from TMZ, the 38-year-old was on stage at a Sauce Twinz concert when someone ran up on him and attempted to rip the chain off of his neck. Unfortunately, as we can see in the video, the chain didn't immediately break and Steve was briefly dragged by his neck before appearing to also get stomped. TMZ's sources say the culprit eventually was able to remove the chain and "booked it." Police were not called.

Let's all hope Steve gets back on track and these chain-snatchers get brought to justice.

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[via TMZ]