A lot of NBA fans, both inside and outside of Cleveland, love LeBron James. But a lot of NBA fans don't. So we'd be willing to bet that the Cavaliers superstar has seen his fair share of middle fingers over the years. But we'd also be willing to bet that he's never been flipped off by a kid who looks like he's still in elementary school. Until now.

Last night, the Cavs knocked off the Spurs 128-125 in overtime in a nationally-televised road game. Kyrie Irving—who scored 57 points—hit this incredible shot to send the game to OT:

And Cleveland pulled out a win. But while they were winning, one young Spurs fan took it upon himself to send not one, but two middle fingers in LeBron's direction:

And while his dad was quick to tell him to knock it off, TNT caught the kid doing it.

On the one hand, it's nice to see the passion and energy that Spurs fans brought last night. On the other, the fan who flipped LeBron the double bird looks like he's, like, 8! So our only response to it is:

Now go sit in timeout, kid.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]