Biggest pro football accomplishments: Made the Pro Bowl twice and won one Super Bowl (Super Bowl XX) while playing defensive tackle for the Patriots, Bears, and Packers
Biggest pro wrestling accomplishments: Appeared ringside for Lawrence Taylor's fight against Bam Bam Bigelow during WrestleMania XI in 1995 before joining WCW and winning the United States Title and playing a role in an nWo storyline in the late 1990s
The key to his career change: He did a commendable job as a guest commentator on an episode of Monday Night Raw, which convinced WCW executives to give him a job as a full-time commentator and, later, a wrestler.

There were a handful of NFL players who appeared alongside LT at WrestleMania XI. McMichael was one of the only ones who used that appearance to launch a successful wrestling career, though. He started off as a WCW commentator but eventually moved into the ring after he challenged Ric Flair to a fight in 1996. After that, he started training seriously to be a full-time wrestler and spent about five years wrestling in WCW.