Biggest pro football accomplishments: Played nose tackle for the Broncos and made a name for himself during a 1993 Monday Night Football game when he vomited onto a football just before an opposing center snapped it
Biggest pro wrestling accomplishments: Served as the unofficial third member of the WWE's Legion of Doom before a serious neck injury ended his wrestling career
The key to his career change: Vince McMahon fell in love with his ability to vomit on command, as illustrated in a scene in the movie, Beyond the Mat.

Unfortunately, Droz suffered a career-ending neck injury in 1999 during a match against D'Lo Brown that left him paralyzed. Otherwise, he likely would have built on the foundation that he laid during his first two years with the WWE. His regurgitation act probably would have gotten stale after awhile. But even after he got injured, Droz continued to contribute to the WWE by writing essays for the WWE website and magazines, which leads us to believe that he had what it took to become a WWE superstar one day. Sadly, though, his injury prevented that from ever happening.