Biggest pro football accomplishments: Signed a contract with the AFL's Oilers after excelling at Oklahoma University and later played offensive lineman for the Indianapolis Warriors (an NFL farm team) and the NFL's Vikings
Biggest pro wrestling accomplishments: Feuded with WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino in the early 1960s and took part in title fights in the National Wrestling Alliance and American Wrestling Association
The key to his career change: He learned about how much money he could make wrestling professionally from his former OU teammate Edward "Wahoo" McDaniels.

Most of the former pro football players featured here turned to pro wrestling after it was clear that their football careers were over. But that wasn't the case with Watts. In the early 1960s, the Vikings signed him to a deal and agreed to pay him $7,000 per season. However, he was already making more money than that wrestling and booking wrestling matches, so he decided to forego the opportunity to play in the NFL. Instead, he turned into one of the best wrestling promoters in the world and eventually worked for both WCW and WWE towards the end of his career.