Will Johnny Manziel start for the Browns on Sunday when they host the Colts in Cleveland? That's the question that everyone is asking Browns head coach Mike Pettine right now. And while he has refused to answer the question just yet, he has said that there's a chance that Johnny Football will start over Brian Hoyer.

"I'm not ready to make a decision on that at this point," Pettine said earlier this afternoon. "Not leaning one way or the other, but there's a lot to consider."

One thing that Pettine might want to consider is LeBron James' take on the Browns' quarterback situation. The Cavaliers star was asked about the QB controversy and admitted that he's pulling for Manziel to get the start on Sunday.

"I know he's ready to go," LeBron told reporters. "I talk to him weekly. He's ready to go. But he's still learning. He's a rookie, he's still learning. If Coach is ready for him, to give him the nod, he'll be ready to go, but he's going to have some bumps and bruises just like any other rookie quarterback would have, any other player in the NFL or in professional sports. But I'm one of his biggest supporters. I mean, he's part of the family, so of course I want him out there. But that's for the coach to decide."

Expect a decision within the next day or two. Either way, it's clear that the Johnny Football era is probably going to start sooner than later in Cleveland.

[via ESPN]