On Friday afternoon, ESPN published an as-told-to piece written by reporter Jemele Hill, who was able to sit down with and interview Ray Rice's wife Janay Rice early last month. For the interview, Janay did not permit ESPN to videotape her. But she did allow Hill to turn her words into a first-person account of what she's been going through in recent months. It was an excellent read and shed a lot of light on what life has been like for Janay since the now-infamous domestic violence incident that took place between her and her husband inside of an elevator in Atlantic City, N.J. back in February.

But now, you can hear Janay speak about the incident, her husband's apology, the reaction that the Ravens had to the whole thing, and much, much more in her first televised interview with Today reporter Matt Lauer. A lot of what Janay mentions in the Today interview was also discussed in the ESPN interview, so there's not a whole lot of new information in it. But it's obviously interesting to see Lauer press her on several key issues, including her anger towards the media in light of what happened and how she's been able to deal with everything that has taken place since the domestic violence incident. Janay's mother Candy Palmer also sat next to her throughout the Today interview and was able to answer several questions about her reaction to Ray Rice's behavior.

You can check out the first part of Today's interview with Janay in the clip above. We've also included the second part below. And stay tuned because Lauer also spoke with Ray Rice himself after interviewing Janay. That portion of the interview will air on Today tomorrow.

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