When you’re chosen to host Saturday Night Live, you know you’ve become a household name. In the past, it’s been hosted by politicians, musicians, and (most appropriately) actors yearning to convince the world that they can be funny—provided somebody else writes their lines for them, of course. While athletes have also been involved in the mix, they’ve comprised a surprisingly small percentage of guest hosting slots.

Michael Jordan had his shot at it, as have both of the Manning brothers (to positive reviews, we might add), Charles Barkley, Derek Jeter, LeBron James, and a few others. It’s become a rite of passage for any athlete who fancies himself an entertainer off the field, court, or pitch. From there you can go on to great things—or disasters—but it’s always best to prep for the future because some day you will have to hang up the jersey. In fact, many guys on this list already have.

We can’t guarantee that they’d all be great, but we wouldn’t mind seeing them get the call. Here are 10 Athletes Who Should Host SNL.