Earlier today, the Bills announced that they would pay anyone who could come to Ralph Wilson Stadium and help them shovel snow $10 an hour and give them free tickets to this Sunday's game against the Jets:

Just one problem, though: The entire city of Buffalo is COVERED in many, many, many inches of snow right now, which meant that the Bills were specifically asking for people who lived close to the stadium to come and help out. But despite this, one Reddit user agreed to try and make his way to the stadium—by bike!—even though he didn't live nearby. And as you'd imagine, it didn't work out as planned. Not even close.

Rather than tell you what happened, we'll let him tell the story. Get ready to laugh as his misfortunes:

Sounds like one hell of an afternoon, eh? At the very least, he found a way to beat cabin fever. But damn. So many fails in one day.

[via Reddit]