Tonight's Knicks/Cavaliers game in Cleveland is going to be crazy. The entire city is already in a frenzy, and Quicken Loans Arena will be rockin', because LeBron James is going to be making his long-awaited return to the Cavs. And according to Twitter, every major celebrity in the country (well, almost every major celebrity in the country...) is going to be there to see it.

Justin Bieber? Yeah, someone claims they saw him check into a hotel earlier today. Drake? Yup, he's allegedly somewhere in the 216, too. And OMG, YOU GUYS, BEYONCE WAS SPOTTED AT A STARBUCKS IN CLEVELAND THIS MORNING AND NCJEBVHFWBVNJCHJEBFBHJE!!!!!!!

We really could care less who is sitting courtside when the Knicks/Cavs game tips off. We're more interested in seeing the product that Cleveland puts out on the court (we're less interested in seeing the product that New York puts out there because … ugh, Knicks). But because it seems like everyone is sooooooo interested in who is going to be there, we put together a list of celebs who might show—along with odds to illustrate how likely we think it is (or isn't) for each celeb to actually be at the Q. Check out who you might see at the big game tonight.