These next few hours will be the last you'll have to spend of 2014 without NFL football. Now we can all go back to bandwagon rooting for the Seattle Seahawks while simultaneously hate-watching Macklemore for rooting for the same team/corrupting Russell Wilson. These are the trying decisions a Complex reader must make, but in fairness, rappers have to make them to.

We're still unsure if Lil Wayne is actually a Packers fan, and the world is waiting on Drake to finally become a Buffalo Bills fan and somehow move that team to Toronto. A few rappers, however, actually look like a some of the guys taking the field this Sunday, which may or may not assuage their impending NFL team pledging. From Pacman Jones sharing a resemblance to Chief Keef and a certain Cardinals rookie looking like Yeezus himself, these are The Most Accurate NFL-Rapper Doppelgangers.