When the Cavaliers drafted Andrew Wiggins, they still didn't know -- or could have imagined -- that LeBron would decide to return to Cleveland. So, with the usual excitement of having the number one overall pick, many fans bought Wiggins Cavaliers jerseys online. For a brief time, the Cavs even had discounts on his jersey to drive sales. Well, since the Kevin Love deal seems like a formality at this point, it means Wiggins will be headed to the 'Wolves. So, a lot of fans might want to get their money back for buying a jersey of a player who won't even play a single game for that team. According to Darren Rovell, if you didn't take the tags of your Wiggins jersey, the NBA Store will honor a full refund: A better idea would be if the Cavs and the NBA store let fans have the option of trading in their Wiggins jersey for the eventual Kevin Love Cavs jersey. Of course, some jersey buyers might see the appeal of keeping their Wiggins Cavs jersey. You know, it's kind of cool and ironic to own a jersey of a guy who never played a game in that said jersey. I spent money on an Andrew Bynum Philadelphia 76ers jersey after he left the team without playing a single game, so I am speaking from experience here. Follow me on Twitter @steven_lebron