Earlier today, we told you about how Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick was just hit with a four-game suspension for reportedly testing positive for MDMA—a.k.a. Molly—this summer. We also told you about how, in a statement released through his agent, Scandrick subtly blamed his ex-girlfriend Draya Michele for his positive test. It seems he used Molly while the two were vacationing in Mexico back in April. And that caused quite a few people to blame Draya for his suspension on Twitter today:

However, Draya wanted to let the world know that she did not deserve to be blamed for Scandrick's suspension. So a short time ago, she sent out these two tweets, which she has since deleted:

She also sent out these two tweets, which you can still find on her Twitter page:

What do you think? Should people stop attacking Draya on Twitter and focus on Scandrick instead? Either way, Scandrick is going to have to pay the price for what he did in the coming weeks.

[via Black Sports Online]