When a photographer named Dale Fink decided to rent a small boat back on July 2 so that he could take a trip to the waters off the coast of San Diego, Calif. in order to capture shots of blue whales, he didn't have any idea that he would end up putting his life into danger. But Fink—who spotted two blue whales and a bunch of bottlenose dolphins during his trip—ended up enduring a terrifying experience when one of the whales surfaced too closely to the boat and capsized it.

In the clip above, you can see Fink taking photos—and then you can see the look of sheer terror that takes over his face once he realizes what the blue whale has done. And all the while, a GoPro camera set up on the back of the boat captures the boat capsizing and eventually shows what the boat looks like once it's submerged underwater.

Would you have been as scared as Fink was when the boat capsized? Don't lie.

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[via People]