Vince Carter probably isn't the biggest free agent question left on people's minds, but this is still Vince Carter we're talking about here. He's 16 years deep in his career and is about to get started with a new team.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Carter has signed a three-year/$12 million deal with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Grizzlies are going to need help with the same thing Carter has been have trouble doing: Making it past the first round. Carter hasn't made it out since 2010 in Orlando. The Grizzlies has made it past the first round just twice in its history.

To be fair, those two times happened in the last four years, but this is only a reminder of another problem the Grizzlies face: They're not the Thunder or Spurs, who dispatched them those two times. Memphis is good, but not great, and the team probably could use Carter's veteran guidance and sparks of brilliance to give them a nudge forward.

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[via Adrian Wojnarowski]