The boys from Top Gear can’t seem to keep out of trouble, especially Jeremy Clarkson, who recently was accused of using racial slurs on two occasions. However, the show’s latest controversy stems not from slurs or off-hand remarks, but from where the crew shot their latest stunt.

The program recently shot a car-crash scene in the UK town of Charlbury, Oxfordshire, featuring Clarkson and James May driving a pair of Peugeots. According to the Daily Mail, the location is just down the road from Clarkson’s home, but also bore witness to a tragic head-on collision in 2010 that resulted in a woman’s death, also driving a Peugeot.

It’s obviously an unintentional coincidence, but there’s quite a lot of uproar. Local politicians have called the stunt “insensitive”, though a spokesman for Top Gear refused to comment on the issue. This comes just months after Clarkson was given a final warning to curtail his comments from the BBC.

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