In just his second season in the NBA, Damian Lillard has quickly developed a reputation as a cold-blooded assassin in the closing stretches of games, unafraid to take and make the big shots, as Houston Rockets fans will surely agree. However, his offensive game is not simply based on his ability to shoot from long range. Here?s a look at Lillard?s multi-faceted offensive attack: The Crossover The Crossover If you play Lillard straight up on the perimeter, it only takes one quick crossover for him to attack the basket with the finish.             The Eurostep Finish at the Basket The Eurostep Finish at the Basket Even if defenders are in place, Lillard?s quickness and ability to improvise allows him to slip the defender looking to draw the charge, and use his athleticism for the acrobatic finish.           Finishing Strong at the Rim Finishing Strong at the Rim Lillard is not just a finesse player. Even with a trailing defender and big man at the rim, he is prone to elevate and finish strong at the rim.             Midrange Pull-Up Midrange Pull-Up His strong handle allows him to get to spots on the floor in a flash, opening up room for his mid-range game.             Unlimited Range Unlimited Range And, of course, if needed, he can curl off the inbounds and get you from beyond the arc.               Follow me on Twitter @steven_lebron