Do you want to know where LeBron James is going to sign this summer? If so, then don't listen to Chris Broussard or Brian Windhorst. Instead, listen to Riddick Bowe!

Late last month, he sent out this tweet indicating that LeBron was headed to, er, the Toronto Maple Leafs:

But as it turns out, he was wrong about that. Because he just spoke to a "source" who told him that LeBron is headed to a different team in Toronto. That's right, Raptors fans. You win!

Okay, okay. So we're pretty sure that this isn't true. But if nothing else, it gives you a reason to go and follow Riddick Bowe on Twitter. He's also been dropping sports-related gems like this recently:

So he's definitely worth a follow.

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[via @RiddickBowe]