Now that LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have (finally) picked where they are going to play next year, all eyes have turned to Vegas, where the NBA's loaded 2014 rookie class is getting their first taste of NBA action. But it's never too early to pay attention to the games that really matter. 

The NBA will look very different next season, as more and more fading stars face Father Time. Whether it's Kobe Bryant battling his Achilles injury, or Paul Pierce playing for the Wizards, future Hall of Fame players will be entering some of their final seasons. Additionally, guys like Lance Stephenson and Trevor Ariza now have different roles on different teams, after taking new contracts and more money. 

As the NBA's summer break approaches, it's never to early to speculate on which fading stars and overpaid free agents could face tough times next season. Here are some of the NBA Players who are Destined to Decline Next Season.