So you want to be a Major League Baseball player, eh?

Well, unless you're the next big thing, there's a good chance that your path to Major League Baseball is going to take you through the minor leagues. And as the Wall Street Journal just explained in a piece called "Metro Money: Minor League Players Eke Out a Living," there is absolutely nothing glamorous about playing minor league baseball.

For the piece, the WSJ spoke to several current and former players for the Staten Island Yankees and Brooklyn Cyclones (one of the Mets' minor league teams). And they learned that playing minor league baseball is pretty miserable for most guys. They're forced to train for hours and hours at a time. They live in budget hotels and typically have to share rooms with other players. And on average, they only make about $4 an hour, which is obviously way below the minimum wage. It's not anywhere near as fun as you'd probably think it is and it requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice on the part of the players.

You can read the entire WSJ piece over here. It'll definitely make you think twice before signing your kid up for baseball next spring.

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[via Wall Street Journal]