We very much enjoyed driving a Bentley Continental GT Speed up the California coast last year, but the attention was a little annoying. The gold digger was funny (because writers are certainly not pulling in Bentley money), but a lot of the attention was just annoying. The Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG is a very similar car, given it's massive engine, massive size, and massive amounts of luxury whatnot.

The engine is a 6.0L V12 producing 621 hp and a mountain-moving 738 lb-ft of torque which can send the S65 to 60 mph in four seconds even and all the way up to an electronically limited 186 mph. All of this happens in a body that is certainly beautiful, but it's not at all ostentatious. The average person will just see a garden-variety expensive car, not the roughly $200,000 beast that this is.

Sounds good to us.