Earlier this week, the Cleveland Cavaliers removed the infamous letter that Dan Gilbert wrote to Cavs fans back in 2010 from their team website. But that doesn't mean that LeBron James has forgotten about the letter, which featured Gilbert taking several shots at him. In fact, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard, the letter might ultimately prevent LeBron from signing with the Cavs this summer.

"If it wasn't for that letter, [LeBron signing with the Cavaliers] would've been done awhile ago," a source told Broussard last night.

So what should Gilbert do to try and get back on LeBron's good side? Well, Twitter has a few suggestions:

But it might take more than just an apology to repair LeBron and Gilbert's relationship.

Do you think Gilbert's letter will be the reason LeBron doesn't return to Cleveland? And if it does become a sticking point and LeBron re-signs with the Miami Heat, how pissed off do you think Cavs fans will be?

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[via ESPN]