Kobe Bryant will never forget the day the Hornets traded him to the Lakers a short time after they selected him in the 1996 NBA Draft. And he proved it today by commemorating the 18th anniversary of the trade on both Twitter and Instagram.

First, KB24 took to Twitter and sent out this tweet:

And then, a short time later, he jumped on Instagram and posted this photo:

He included this caption: "On this day 18yrs ago the hornets told me right after they drafted me that they had no use for me and were going to trade me. #thanku #Believe #usmnt #lakers#jwest #drbuss #letsGo #USA"

#NeverForget, Kobe! Though, for the record, it doesn't seem like you'll have a problem remembering that day for the rest of your life.

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[via Fox Sports]