You know Cleveland is having a pretty good year when Johnny Manziel suddenly becomes the second best thing to happen to the city. Manziel usually is the center of attention, but he can't be that mad. Look at his smile in the above picture. Think having the indignity of being second to LeBron James is going to ruin his high? Nah, man. He's good.

But if for some reason this isn't the case, at least he got another endorsement deal. This is a deal with Snickers. A spokesperson said that Manziel will be featured in the "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign, which is great because think about the hilarious possibilities.

So that's McDonalds, Nike, Nissan, and now Snickers on his side without him even needing to play a snap. Meanwhile, Beanie Lawd Marshawn Lynch had to run over defenders for years in the NFL before getting his deal with Skittles. This is why Lynch keeps to himself.

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[via ESPN]