We hate that we have to be the ones to break the news to you twice in two days, but another video has hit the web that proves you and me, me and you are not nearly as cool as we think. Yesterday, it was the miniature parking gawd, who's is probably getting Valentine's offers from now until middle school. Today, it's a man in India, who's probably doing exactly what he'd be doing every other day, casually carrying motorcycles on his head while climbing a ladder. 

Let me reiterate that: This video has footage of a man carrying a motorcycle on top of his head up a ladder onto the roof of a bus. Not sure how this man doesn't have a neck the size of Takeo Spikes', or how he hasn't reached a multi-million-dollar yoga deal with that type of balance, but this man wins the award for the most amazing act of the July 2014. 

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[via Metro]