If LeBron James doesn't resign with the Miami Heat, Chris Bosh is going from one Big 3 to another. According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Chris Broussard, Bosh will accept the four-year, $88 million offer from the Houston Rockets and play alongside superstars James Harden and Dwight Howard, if 'Bron goes somewhere other than Miami. However, this approach by Bosh poses huge problems for both sides. 

For the Rockets, Bosh's decision will not come until LeBron officially decides on his future which currently doesn't have a timetable. As Houston waits to hear word from CB, they have three days to figure out if they want to match the offer sheet made by the Dallas Mavericks to Chandler Parsons. If James does opt to stay in Miami a week from now, Houston could very well lose out on both Parsons and Bosh. 

As for Bosh, the Rockets' contract may be the best offer he will receive this offseason. If the Rockets do decide to hold onto Parsons in the meantime, CB could stand to lose out on teaming up with LeBron next season and oh yeah, a whole lot of money.

If you were in Bosh's shoes right now, what would you do?   

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[via ESPN]