If you want to score a good deal on some marijuana when you're in the Denver area, try hanging out around the car rental companies located inside of Denver International Airport. Because there are definitely good deals to be had.

According to ABC News, which spoke with several different companies based in DIA, there seems to be a regular stream of people who buy marijuana in Denver while visiting there and then bring it with them to the airport in their rentals cars. However, because it's illegal to bring the pot onto a flight, they end up leaving it inside of the cars they rented or trying to give it away to rental car employees. And because those employees are not allowed to accept the marijuana, it typically ends up getting flushed down the toilet by a rental car manager.

"We see quite a few cases [of people trying to give away their leftover marijuana]," one rental car company employee told ABC News. "We basically don't touch it. Usually, the manager will take it and flush it down the toilet."

That seems like a waste. And it also seems like people should know better than to try and bring weed with them to the airport. What gives, guys? Have your fun in Denver; don't try and bring it home with you or be forced to give it away to someone else!

Oh, and just FYI: We were just kidding at the beginning of this post. You should not try and score cheap pot at the airport. That is, as you would probably expect, not allowed. Just saying.

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