What would you do if you were trying to enjoy a nice relaxing day down by the river when, suddenly, a black bear climbed into your car trunk and refused to get out? Unfortunately, that's the scenario that a couple of University of Central Florida students faced recently in Orlando, Fla.

Jonathan Jenkins and his girlfriend rented two inner tubes and went tubing down Rock Springs in Orlando earlier this week. But when they got back to their car and were getting ready to leave, a bear climbed into their trunk, laid down, and wouldn't budge. There was no food in the trunk, so it's unclear why the bear wouldn't move. But Jenkins had to reverse his car and slam on the brakes to get it to leave.

"I turned the car on and drove in reverse for a few feet with it in the trunk," he said later, "and when I hit the brakes it got scared and jumped out."

Watch the video above to hear Jenkins talk more about his random encounter with the bear. And make sure you shut your trunk from now on. Or else...

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[via WESH]