Are you a Cavaliers fan looking to buy a gently used—er, okay, very used—LeBron James No. 23 Cavs jersey? Then today might be your lucky day.

For just $6.50, you could be the proud new owner of the jersey pictured above. There's just one catch: The jersey doesn't actually look like the jersey in the photo anymore. Instead, it looks like this:

That's right. Some entrepreneurial Cavs fan out there is selling the ashes of an old LeBron Cavs jersey on eBay right now. And while we can't actually confirm that those ashes used to be a LeBron Cavs jersey (who's to say they didn't used to be, say, a Larry Hughes Cavs jersey?), the seller claims that he's kept the ashes ever since he burnt his LeBron jersey back in 2010.

"This jersey was burned to a crisp after [LeBron James] left for the Miami Heat," the seller writes, "but luckily for you I saved all of the ashes. Figuring he would eventually come back to Cleveland I have carefully stored all of the ashes in an Urn for safe keeping and preservation (Urn not included)."

So who wants the ashes? Going once…going twice…

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[via eBay]