Is it just us, or is it taking Carmelo Anthony a reallllllllllllly long time to decide where he wants to play next season? We understand that he's facing a really, really big decision at the moment and that there are quite a few teams who want him to sign a deal with them. But at this point, shouldn't he know where he wants to spend the next four or five seasons of his career? He's had more than a week to meet with teams and weigh his options and he should be ready to roll.

Unfortunately, though, Melo is not ready to announce where he wants to sign just yet. And that has a lot of people on Twitter feeling anxious. So anxious that someone out there started the hashtag #BeforeMeloDecides late last night, which has led to a ton of amazing #BeforeMeloDecides responses. Click through our gallery to see The 20 Funniest #BeforeMeloDecides Tweets and Memes. We sincerely hope that Melo makes up his mind soon—before all of these tweets and memes take a turn for the worst.

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