The Brooklyn Nets are saying good night to their BrooklynKnight mascot. According to reports, the Nets organization wasn't real happy with the response that they got to the mascot last season. So yesterday, they revealed that the mascot—which was first introduced back in 2012 when the Nets moved to Brooklyn—will no longer be patrolling the court at the Barclays Center.

Our response to the news about the demise of the BrooklynKnight? Good riddance. In the grand scheme of things, the mascot was most definitely not on the same level as Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls mascot), Rocky the Mountain Lion (Denver Nuggets mascot), or Go the Gorilla (Phoenix Suns mascot). So we're glad the BrooklynKnight is going to be gone next season. And while the NBA is at it, can it ax a few other mascots as well? Here are 10 Mascots That the NBA Needs to Get Rid Of Immediately. Someone make this happen!

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