LeBron James is officially going to be back out on the open market soon.

Earlier today, ESPN's Chris Broussard revealed that LeBron has informed the Miami Heat that he will opt out of his current contract early. And as a result, he will become a free agent this summer and will be able to sign with whichever NBA team he wants to sign with. That might mean that he's headed back to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers. It might mean that he's headed out to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers. Or it might even mean that he's going to stay right where he is and sign a new contract with Miami—one that would ideally allow the Heat to add one or two more key players in order to help the team reach the NBA Finals for the fifth consecutive season next year.

So what is LeBron going to do? Well, as of right now, no one knows. But shortly after Broussard broke the news about LeBron opting out of his contract, we took to Twitter to see how people were reacting to LeBron's decision (no pun intended). And we quickly found that they had a ton of ideas as far as what they think LeBron should do with himself this summer. Click through our gallery of tweets to see what Twitter thinks LeBron James will do now that he's opted out of his contract with the Heat.

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