When we first heard that 50 Cent was going to throw out the first pitch before a Pirates/Mets game in New York City this week, we thought, "Good for him!" 50 has been repping Queens for a long time now and he's one of the biggest rappers to ever come out of the Big Apple. So it's only right that he finally get his opportunity to take part in a ceremonial first pitch. But then, we saw the first pitch that he ended up throwing out and, well, suddenly we weren't so happy anymore. We've seen our fair share of fails during Mets game (trust us!). But we never thought we would see one involving 50 Cent! 

50 isn't the only person who failed on a sports field or in a sports arena this week, though. He definitely took the biggest L (seriously, how was his first pitch that bad?!), but there were plenty of other sports-related people who endured epic struggles this week, too. Just check out our list of the 10 Sports People Who Had a Worse Week Than You.