Earlier this month, Richard Sherman agreed to pay $2.3 million for a new home near Seattle. The 9,475-square-foot home is located in Maple Valley, Wash. and was previously owned by NBA player Jamal Crawford. So you would think that he would be off enjoying his new digs right now.

But it doesn't sound like Sherman has had a great experience with the home so far. Because according to multiple reports, Sherman is currently "being bombarded with fans hanging out around his house wanting autographs or wanting to just hang out." And they're posted up outside of Sherman's house because, for whatever reason, the Seattle Times took it upon themselves to publish his new address. They have since removed the address from their original story about Sherman's home, but that hasn't stopped Seahawks fans from gathering outside of the house on a regular basis. And Sherman is reportedly not happy about it. In fact, he's apparently boycotting all local Seattle media right now as a result of the Seattle Times' gaffe.

In time, we're betting that Sherman will come back around to the idea of talking to the press in Seattle. But for now, we don't blame him one bit for being mad. His life has turned into a bit of a circus in recent months—and the last thing he needs right now is for that circus to follow him home everyday.

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[via Sports Illustrated]