NFL minicamps, training camps, and any other kind of camps may sometimes lack the relative importance of a regular season practice, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get intense.

Just ask the defending champion Seattle Seahawks, who yesterday saw a fight break out between $56 million cornerback Richard Sherman and reserve receiver Phil Bates after a play. It started as most of these fights do: they were blocking one another, wouldn’t let go, and then things escalated quickly.

It seems like this happens with pretty much every NFL team at least once an offseason. Really, it’s only natural in a physical sport like football that people are going to get fired up and lose control every once in a while. That was certainly the case here, and by all accounts everything was back to normal shortly thereafter.

With this incident behind us, we can now safely go back to obsessing about what Sherman says off the field rather than what he does on it.

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