Having toy cars to race is a good thing, because racing real cars is only slightly more expensive than money burning. The problem is that slot car racing is annoying because it's impossible to steer, radio controlled cars' steering is so quick and twitchy that it requires lots of practice, and is therefore not very good for pick-up games with friends and family, and racing simulations require tons of expensive gear.

That's why these geeky car fans came up with this: Real FX Racing. They're raising £50,000 on Kickstarter to make it a reality. The cars use an optical sensor to stay in the middle of the track most of the time, but players can override that with their own steering controls for passing or to drive a better racing line. The track is reconfigurable, and clips together. Better still, there's AI, so the grid can always be full.

We think it's quite clever, and it really does take some of the best elements of the various racing games we mentions and combine them into something new. The team has already gotten £21,000 in pledges

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[via Kickstarter