Over the course of the last four days, everyone—and we do mean everyone—has taken shots at LeBron James for cramping up during Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals. It's become a bit of a running joke with more and more memes popping up on the Internet everyday. But at this point, the jokes are getting old, especially since LeBron responded with a huge Game 2 performance against the Spurs on Sunday night. But that didn't stop one of LBJ's biggest rivals from taking one final shot at him late last night by posting this photo on Instagram:

Yep, that's right, guys. That's Paul George, who was eliminated from the 2014 NBA Playoffs by LeBron and the Heat, seemingly poking fun at LeBron's cramps with a photo of himself drinking Gatorade. In addition to the photo, he also included the caption, "Stay hydrated!!! #Gatorade."

A little late to the party, PG? Uh, yeah, we'd say so. Had he posted this on, like, Friday or Saturday, we might have laughed at this photo. But because he waited about four days to post it, it looked like a lame attempt at getting some attention for both himself and Gatorade. And others on Twitter agreed with our assessment:

Maybe we're looking too deeply into this and PG wasn't actually throwing a shot at LeBron. But if he wasn't, then he picked a really weird time to post a photo of him drinking Gatorade with the caption, "Stay hydrated!!!" SMH.

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[via Black Sports Online]