Recently, a man named Angus Dean from the U.K. decided that he was going to sell his 1990 Volkswagen Golf on eBay. However, the car needs a lot of work. So he knew that he was going to have to get really creative in order to make a sale. And that's exactly what he attempted to do.

In an effort to sell the car quickly, Dean borrowed a sex doll—which he nicknamed "Sandy"—from one of his friends and snapped a bunch of shots of his Golf with the doll posing next to it. And while he hasn't been able to sell the car yet, he has noticed an uptick in interest in the car thanks to Sandy. It seems people are more interested in the car with Sandy standing (and—gulp—kneeling!) in front it.

Check out some images of Sandy showing off the Golf in the thumbs gallery above. It's kind of hard to believe that this is what it takes to sell a car on eBay these days.

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[via Daily Mail]