Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals did not go well for LeBron James. Although he scored 25 points during the game, he cramped up at the end of the contest and had to leave early during the Heat's 110-95 loss to the Spurs. So prior to Game 2 of the NBA Finals, LeBron decided that he needed to do something to get his mind right. And to do it he…went to the movies?

That's right. On Saturday night, about 24 hours before the tipoff of Game 2, LeBron reportedly went to a movie theater in San Antonio—by himself—to see an afternoon showing of Maleficent. And after it was over, he went back to the Heat's team hotel, got a good night's sleep, and then decided to work on his mind even more by attending an early-morning yoga class with his massage therapist on Sunday.

"I needed to get everything right," he said.

And he did. Last night, LeBron dropped 35 points during the Heat's 98-96 win over the Spurs. So now we're wondering what he's going to do to prepare for Game 3. Godzilla and Pilates?

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[via ABC News]