Talks that would send Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star forward Kevin Love to the Golden State Warriors have reportedly stalled over the inclusion of Klay Thompson, according to an ESPN report.

While some in the Warriors organization have no problem sending Thompson out of town in exchange for the dominant Love, two key people do seem to disagree: team advisor Jerry West and new head coach Steve Kerr. Both feel that Thompson’s elite skills shooting the ball and as a perimeter defender make him (along with David Lee and a first round pick) too valuable to just give away, even given Love’s considerable skill set.

The Timberwolves may also be interested in throwing Harrison Barnes into the trade, which probably wouldn’t go over well with the Warriors considering Thompson alone was making them hesitate.

Could this all just be an elaborate bargaining ploy by Golden State, designed to get Minnesota to lessen their asking price? Very likely. Lee’s onerous contract makes him virtually untradeable otherwise, and a lineup of Stephen Curry-Kevin Martin (also coming in a Love deal)-Andre Iguodala-Love-Andrew Bogut would be as formidable a group as the NBA has.

Thompson is an awesome player, for sure, but bringing in another bona fide All-Star would give the Warriors a chance to contend with the Western Conference’s elite. Considering how all other West teams seem to be loading up on talent, Golden State needs to keep up or else they’ll find themselves right along with Minnesota, back in the draft lottery.

[via ESPN]