Every online publication has their share of faux pas, but what was going in that Cleveland.com editorial meeting where someone pitched, "Hey! To increase reader participation, let's have them help LeBron James decide the name of his incoming baby daughter?" Even the Cavaliers' official website is still salty about James. Of course, some fans aren't going to care about how terrible they sound under anonymity. 

That article idea got approved though, and that comment section got so bad the entire article had to be taken down. Clevescene.com caught some of the racism and pettiness in the comments. One user posted the "Top 60 Ghetto Black Names" YouTube video. Others included "Moeesha," "Lexus," "Mercedes," "LeQuanza," "Alimonee," "LeGitimate," "Mi-lion-alrequa," "Gloria-Delonte," "Le'Traitor," and" Tameeka."

Who thinks these are the same people who would be cheering for James in the slim—very slim—chance he returns to Cleveland.

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[via Black Sports Online]